A collaborative exhibition with ARS BELGA
April 25 – 28, 2019
Antoinette d’Ansembourg,
Maxime Bondu,
Will Kerr,
Anne Rochat,
Vittorio Santoro,
Sebastian Utzni

Performance: "Obsidian"
Anne Rochat
April 25, 6:30pm

Counter Space will be showing the work of 6 artists with a different approach to sculpture, waving a sculptural narrative between each work. Visitors will be entering a visual discourse, ranging between works of a permanent state or physicality and other more ‘instable’ ones, changing their aggregate states. Everyday objects that don’t exist for an ascribed purpose, raising questions of functionality and aesthetics. What lies behind the layer of assumption, what lies between existing in matter and the testimony of it? Sometimes the obvious serves as an impediment to our ability to discern subtleties confronting us with our abbreviated thoughts.

About the performance of Anne Rochat:
“Obsidian” is a performance by Anne Rochat relating to her experience of her travels to China, where she was exposed to extreme landscapes and extreme temperatures during the 5 weeks she walked through old Tibet. For this performance she draws from her bodily memory of these extremes, exposing her body to the matter of ice. Positioned on the floor, she embraces a block of ice, measuring 120 x 80 cm representing 130 kg / 130 liters of water. She subjects her naked body to the ice for one hour, imprinting her body in the ice, creating a sculptural image that is bound to time and the changing of matter. Her performance is accompanied by audio of melting water on ice.