Sound Installation
Contemporary Fairy Tales
Elena Habicher

31 May – 14 June 2013

↗ Map of tales and locations

Elena Habicher, Elisa Tosoni, Meesha Chang and Livio Baumgartner

7. June 2013

Elena Habicher in dialogue with curator and critic Elisa Tosoni, Meesha Chang (Director Erarta Galleries Zurich) and Livio Baumgartner (artist and curator Die Diele off space)

„Contemporary Fairy Tales“ is a sound installation in eleven parts inhabiting different interspaces in the city of Zurich. The project „Contemporary Fairy Tales“ is a sound piece consisting of 11 loops, each containing a story narrated by the voice of a man, woman or child. The loops are randomly spread around Zürich at 11 different art spaces and galleries and installed in interspaces such as mailboxes, windows, doors and everyday objects, some inside, some other outdoors. Each sound piece runs endlessly for 14 days.

As an extension to the sound piece, the artist book „Contemporary Fairy Tales“ is spread all around Zürich at random art and non-art places during the same period. The publication is both a kind of children book and a visual guide documenting and disseminating the project. The book contains all 11 tales and includes photographs and addresses of the places where the voices can be heard. However, the texts of the stories themselves are reduced, or abstracted to black signs on blank pages

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Contemporary Fairy Tales by Elena Habicher