↗ Program of the evening

April 1, 2017,
6pm – 2am

Celebrate with us!
Counter Space invites you to a party. The occasion is its 4th and potentially also its 140th birthday.
The guest list assembles 28 protagonists of the Swiss and the international cultural scene.
From the perspective of Counter Space the range of a cultural scene stretches from exhibition making to open heart surgery. Somewhere in between there is architecture and neuropsychology. And music. And cultural politics.

Special Guests
Irene Schweizer, Zurich (pianist)
Barthélémy Toguo, Paris/M‘Balmayo Kamerun (artist)
The Young Gods, Mahadev Cometo, Geneva (musician)

Presentation by
Anita Poullou, Zurich (architect)
Stich & Oswald, Zurich (architect)
Marianne Regard, Zurich (neuropsychologist)
Mehdi Belhaj Kacem, Paris (philosopher) & Onzgi, Paris (artist)
Baltensperger + Siepert, Zurich (artist)
Michael Meier & Christoph Franz, Zurich (artist)
Gregory Hari, Zurich (performer)

Permanent presentation by
K3 Project Space/ WeAreTheArtists
K3 Bed-in - Give Pets a Chance
a reenactment by Clare Goodwin, Sandi Paucic, Oliver Kielmayer
Alain Kantarjian
Paris (filmmaker and photograph)
Ursula Sulser, Zurich (artist)
Anarchia (2016)

Drinks by
Barbara Basting
Nela Bunjevac
Marianne Burki
Fanni Fetzer
Claudia Jolles
Oliver Kielmayer
Marion Richter
Aoife Rosenmeyer
Sabine Schaschl
Alexandra Stäheli
Roland Wetzel

Sound by
Ethimm, Zurich